Arduino Fourth Day

I've been asked to post about the upcoming Arduino Fourth day. A day devoted to the Fourth on the Arduino!

Occurring on the Fourth Saturday, February 26, 2011 at 10am at Stanford University, Building 550 - Room 126.

Find details here:

There has been some discussion on the old forum regarding Forth, instillation, setup, uses, ect... For all those interested, please join us for a live demo and discussion. There will be an ICSP available to flash any Arduino's with Forth.

Please join us, all are welcome.

Mike Ragsdale

From that link

Please note that the times listed above are precise but not necessarily accurate.

You gotta love that, expecially from programmers :)

I used Forth years ago, even wrote a very primitive RPN-style interpreter once.

So is there a Forth compiler for AVR/Arduino then?


A commercial-grade Forth system for Arduino was announced at Forth Day – see for details, it is one of the SwiftX systems for developers.