Arduino generating AC

So,I have just designed a step-up conventer (12VDC to 30V DC) and now I need to turn it into AC with frequency of about 1000Hz.So I would like to use arduino to switch mosfets/transistors or something like that.Current will be less than 200mA.(I have cuple of 2N7000 and BC337).
I would like to AVOID USING TRANSFORMER.Any schematics or something?

You can turn DC into AC (square wave) with a H-bridge.
The L293D could work.

Yes,I need square wave and I was thinking H-bridge,but can I make it myself? because I can't get IC right now

but can I make it myself?

Not very successfully.

How can you make a jump from 12V to 30V without a transformer? Switch capacitors do not generate much current and only go in multiples of the original voltage.

Current will be less than 200mA.

You bed your sweet bippy it will be. Way too much for a capacitor switch.

I made something like step-up conventer (12V to 30V) with current up to 3A (Tested by myself) and now I would like to make it AC,but it doesn't have to be more than 300mA

I think I understood it wrong.
Thought OP had 30volt DC, and wanted to turn it into AC.

If you are looking for any reasonable responses, you are going to have to do better than "something like step-up conventer (12V to 30V) with current up to 3A "

Post a circuit diagram. Nobody wants to waste their time guessing.

So,I have just designed a step-up conventer


So your name is Chris Jones, and "Just designed" means you designed it in 2013.

May I quite you from the rules in the How to use this forum:-

Also - don't claim you are an engineer or some other high-falutin' title, and then go and ask questions that make us wonder what box of cracker jacks you got your degree from. We can see through that a mile away;

See also
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Also step-up converter is not a correct description of that circuit, it is called, as mentioned on that diagram you claimed to have designed a "boost converter", which is a totally different circuit.

I have designed my own PCB for it and assembled it myself,that's what I meaned

If you think an H bridge is relevant, here is a simple design and you can google for others. This design is not fail-safe though in that a programming error could cause a shoot-through condition.


Do you want it 0 to 30V or +15V to -15V?

Please draw a diagram showing what waveform you need.

Thanks Tom.... :slight_smile: