Arduino .hex File

Hi Guys.

I have the Arduino's compiler 0018 and 0021. I want to use the .hex file for Proteus, but the problem is I can't find the .hex file ( I compiled and Uploaded my project; Arduino is not connected ) . I'm using Windows XP service Pack2 and I'm using the windows's Search to find any .hex file in my computer; but it don't find my .hex project. :cry:

Hold down the shift key, then click the upload button. This will trigger the verbose output option. The temporary directory where the hex file is created will be revealed. The hex files are deleted when you close the sketch.

YESSSSSSSSSS now YESSSS ;D, thanks and very very much Mr. PaulS. I found the .hex file in the following path.

C:\Documents and Settings\Lester\Local Settings\Temp\build2084784412515958663.tmp\Blink_Sample.cpp.hex

I don't know why the windows's "Search" don't see this folder.

Thanks again.

The windows tempory file is hidden.
It should show up in a search with hidden files.

I cant check now in XP but in windows7 a search for


will show the tempory file location.

This is where the applet has gone in the latest IDE's and it is deleted when you close the application.

Any compile or upload will produce the applet in the temp folder with the form:


You dont need the shift key to produce the applet but it does show you where it is located.

Yes, you have 100 percent right Carl47.

Thanks and very much Guys. Now I'm working with my .hex file in Proteus and it work perfect. ;D :wink: