Arduino IDE and avr tools versions on GNU/Linux


I use Arduino IDE 1.0.5 on both Windows 7 and fedora 19 GNU/Linux to build the RepRap firmware Marlin.

Arduino IDE 1.0.5 on Windows uses avr-gcc at version 2.3.4 while fedora 19 packages avr-gcc at version 2.7.3 and, more recently, version 2.8.1.

The Windows version builds Marlin flawlessly but I have observed problems with the fedora 19 version. The newer avr-gcc on fedora produces smaller compilation sizes and the reliability of the compiled code is suspect, producing unexpected crashes.

Does the Arduindo IDE version 1.0.5 have restrictions on the version of avr tools with which it is compatible? I suspect that newer versions of avr-gcc may require different build options which are not necessary for earlier versions.

Regards, Neil Darlow

I use IDE v1.0.5 on Ubuntu, but I don’t use the Ubuntu repository version. I downloaded the Linux package from this site and unpacked it. Then I navigate to that directory (arduino-1.0.5) and double click on the arduino executable there. It should run and compile fine. It will use its own version of avr-gcc. You can’t move the executable because it is directory dependent, so I made a symlink for my desktop. I have most of the recent versions, and I can run the version of my choice.

Arduino IDE 1.0.5 on Windows uses avr-gcc at version 2.3.4 while fedora 19 packages avr-gcc at version 2.7.3 and, more recently, version 2.8.1.

Um; which "version" are you looking at, exactly? if you do "avr-gcc --version" of the avr-gcc that is part of the arduino install, you should see

avr-gcc (GCC) 4.3.2 Copyright (C) 2008 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

Note that until recently, a linux install of Arduino relied on a SEPARATE install of whatever avr-gcc your particular distribution of linux happened to think was appropriate. Which was sometimes not compatible with what all the other Arduino installs were running, wrong, buggy, and not even a working combination of the various tools involved (gcc, binutils, libc.) More recent versions of Arduino for linux have included their own copy of the "standard" version of the compile tools.

@westfw: I thought my post was clear but obviously not. I am using the fedora-packaged Arduino IDE 1.0.5 previously fedora-packaged avr-gcc-2.7.3 and now avr-gcc-2.8.1.

As you stated, I have found the compiled code to be buggy using their packages and was looking for specific information on the required versions of avr-gcc for use with Arduino IDE 1.0.5 on GNU/Linux so that I can prove their package combination is faulty and get them to do something about it.

fedora has strict guidelines on bundling tools, libraries etc. which already exist in their repositories with applications to prevent bloat and runtime confusion. I was taking the approach that if something is broken, it needs fixing and the fedora packagers will investigate - given adequate information.

Regards, Neil Darlow

Well, you also said that windows was using 2.3.4, when it's running 4.3.2. Binutils and avr-libc have their own version numbers, and they're different. Also, if you were downloading a toolchain from Atmel, it would have yet another overall "Atmel" version number (currently 3.4.3, which is based on avr-gcc 4.8.1), so there's plenty of room for confusion and ambiguity.

Arduino on Mac/Windows has ALWAYS used 4.3.x, since it has been using the pre-packaged Crosspack or WinAVR packages.

This page: implies that Fedora19 should be using at least 4.7.x