Arduino License?

I’m sorry I couldn’t find an answer to this question by google or search here so I’m going to just ask it!

What’s the License on the Arduino? I Know it’s Copyleft, but I’m not sure of how that might effect me. If I program something using the Arduino IDE, am I able to sell it? For instance if I make a robot toy, is that something I could market? Would I have to release the source code and specs for it?

i think you can sell it. better tell everyone how to make it :wink:


The Arduino libraries are released as LGPL , this means that any code you write (completely by youself) is yours even if it uses arduino libraries.

If you modify any of the libraries you have to release your changes.

If you make a board based on Arduino you can sell it as long as you don’t call it arduino. Give that the reference design is licensed CC-SA any derivatives of Arduino should also release the CAD files.

Last remark, the use of the Arduino name is subjected to our approval.


I would release all of the source and all the hardware anyways, I’m a huge advocate for open source, but I figure there’s tons of laymen out there who could use some of the projects I’ve made for Arduino for considerably cheaper than the “commercial alternatives” are. Plus it could be a way to supplement my already poor engineering student income.