Arduino Locker

Hi, I want to make an electronic system that is able to lock/unlock the compartments of the lockers. I want a unique programmable controller that is able to manage multiple compartments of the lockers. Can anyone help me?

Many thanks Stefano

Yes, and the internet as well.

We're not here to write a program for you (unless you pay us). So tell us what you tried so far. Code, schematics etc.

You can find examples for interfacing with a keypad and examples of driving a solenoid. Take it one step at a time.... Maybe start with a key pad that accepts a combination and turns on an LED. Or if you're more comfortable with the mechanical part, start with a pushbutton that operates a solenoid to lock/unlock the locker.

Make sure the thing is serviceable... i.e. If you have an electrical failure (or a dead battery, if it's battery operated) or a software bug/crash, you'll have a problem if the Arduino is locked inside.

Hi, I was referring to a hardware solution. What equipment do I need? I would like to manage 24 locks with one Arduino board.

Many Thanks

I was at Six Flags over the summer. They have an ATM-like keyboard/display where you pay for a locker and enter a unlock code. Then you go to the locker, enter your code, and the locker is yours to use for the day. Are you after that kind of system, or one with just a central entry location, enter your code there and it opens a door that pops open, you close it by just pushing it shut, electromagnet holds it closed, or it can have springloaded finger that gets pushed up & pops back into place (like your house door) with a solenoid that pulls the finger back to release it. No keys for users to lose. Electromagnet would be simpler, but does need to be powered all the time to remain locked. Or, the electromagnet could operate the release mechanism (but that's another form of solenoid I suppose) so it doesn't need power. Mechanical has more moving parts, but loss of power locks everyone's stuff in. Battery backup would seem to be needed no matter what.

Either way, single '328P with some shift registers could do it, or a '1284P with 32 IO could do it, with buffers as needed for driving the door mechanical bits - electromagnet, solenoid. Maybe a little servo that moves an arm up & down, altho then I think a sensor would be needed to detect when the door is in place to move the arm back. Just a mechanical detail to work out I suppose.