Arduino Mega 2560 Driver Error Code 37


I have a problem with my new Arduino Boards.
When i want to install the driver, it says:

"Windows cannot initialize the device driver for this hardware. (Code 37)"

I`ve did already a whole system check, "sfc /scannow", fixed all registration errors and so on.

Sometimes it says it has already the newest driver installed, but in this case it still shows V 1.0.0

I've tried the boards at another computer, and there it was working fine.

Do you may have an idea what the problem could be?

Kind Regards

Let us know which OS & IDE version you are using.
When you plug is port being detected or not??

I have attached driver package for reference; unzip & instal manually the driver.

The code you mentioning trouble shooting is here below. \

Try with this method. It should work. if didn’t worked put screen shot of the error msg. with device manager (1.19 MB)


just to have a solution for others with the same problem:

My OS was infected by malware. After scanning it several times and removing those software; using sfc /scannow and the windows repair via the windows cd all is working again.

Thanks for you help!

Kind Regards