Arduino Mega2560: Serial3 doesnt hand out my data

Hello fellas

here is the thing:
I'm using the Serial3 of the ArduinoMega to output data. Therefor i use a FTDI Breakout-board to get a USB-connection between the Arduino and the PC which runs putty. I know i could just show the data via serial by the normal usb-connection but that is not what i want.
When i use serial2 or serial1 for this connection it works out fine, but serial3 doesn't show anything. is it possible that serial3 has an alternative use which blocks the serial-use? i can't imagine that the bought arduino has a different functionality than it says it has... !?
maybe you have an arduino2560 and had similar issues. or maybe you can try this code on your arduino2560 and tell me whether it works at your place!?

here is my code:

void setup(){

void loop(){

int analogValue = 5;
Serial2.println/Serial3.println/(analogValue); // print as an ASCII-encoded decimal


since I'm new i may not have found the right forum to post this. Please don't hurt me :smiley:

thanks for your help or any ideas

i just cam to the sick idea of trying it again on serial3 and depluging the usb-connection (the one which is used normally on the arduino mega to upload new code)
what cam as output on putty was:

"??@@??????? @ ??@@???@@ @[...]@@? ? ? D? ?$ ?@0?? ??@@?@?d?`"

baud-rate driven issue? but it worked out fine just before(when i was using serial2 or 1)... I really think something is messing with this serial3 which should not???