arduino micro and 9v battery

so I am powering my arduino micro trough the vin pin with a 9v battery and everything was working fine... but after a while the script would stop and start over and now it is not working at all... did it break or is the battery just empty or something.

The light on the arduino goes on, but does not run the script I have not tried switching the battery becous I only have one 9v battery and the stores are closed. I am just worried if my arduino broke... (hope not and don't think so becous it was working fine at the start.)

Any help is appreciated,


Does your arduino works as expected when connected to USB port? In this case battery is gone...

Ciao, Ale.

nope it does not...... :o

Be sure you weren't accidentally powering it through the 5V pin. If you did, then for sure the Arduino is fried. Take your circuit apart, and hook up the Arduino to a usb cable to your computer. Load the blink sketch. Does that work?

i just checked i am not powering it trough the 5v pin

You remove all the circuits and battery from the Arduino. Then power it from the USB. Do you see the USB in the tools menu? Can you upload the blink LED program? Does it blink?

If the answer to any of these is no, then you might have fried your Atduino. If so see:-

the answer to all of these is yes

but when i power it it does not run the scetch it used to run that's what i don't get it used to run it but now it does not

So load the sketch again. Does it run with USB power? If yes then look at the voltage on the 5V line when you power it with the 9V battery, what voltage do you see?

Also what voltage do you see on the Vin pin?

It does not run on usb power and what do you mean with see?

dutch4years: It does not run on usb power

So lets get this clear. The blink LED sketch works on USB power, you said so in reply #6 But your sketch and added hardware ( is there any ? ) does not work off USB power. Is that correct? If so:- If the blink LED sketch works then there is nothing wrong with the Arduino chip and the fact that your sketch does not work is down to the software or the attached hardware.

Then you need to post your code and post a schematic, and describe what it does and what it should do.

what do you mean with see?

Measure and note the result. If that does not explain to you what is going wrong then tell us.

You will need a volt meter to "see" the voltage. If you are working with hardware, it's a must!