Arduino Micro and RFID reader

I am fairly new to Arduino and this forum. I am trying to create an RFID reader security scan using the following tools:

-Arduino Micro
-Innovations ID-20LA RFID reader

I have wired the RFID reader correctly and get an LED to light when the RFID tag is read. Now I am trying to read the ID for my rfid tag. I am trying to use the SoftwareSerial library included in Arduino 1.0.6. For some reason after I start my virtual serial port it never becomes available.

here is some code I got online that I am using to get started:

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>

SoftwareSerial id20(10,11); // virtual serial port RX, TX
char i;
void setup()
while (!Serial) {
Serial.println(“starting virtual serial port”);
void loop ()
Serial.println(“Checking if virtual sp is available”);
if(id20.available()) {
Serial.println(“sp is available”);
i =; // receive character from ID20
Serial.print(i); // send character to serial monitor
Serial.print(" ");

For some reason my “id20” virtual serial port never becomes “available” so i never get to read its contents.

I am new to using the RX/TX virtual pins but from what i could read online i did the following wiring:

D10 as my RX
D11 as my TX.

as i am not writing to the RFID reader I didn’t wire anything to TX(D11). That might be my problem but I don’t know how to solve it.

any thoughts?