Arduino micro as USB Keyboard not working with KVM device

Hello everyone,

i'm trying to use an arduino micro as keyboard in combination with a KVM device.
Sadly it isn't recognized as keyboard at all.

What i've tried so for

  • using different libraries, standard keyboard.h and HID-Project from Nicohood
  • Removed the virtual comport (CDC) by editing usbcore.cpp
  • removed Bootloader by programmingh it by another Arduinoas ISP

Every methods works fine on Windows, but none of them works with the KVM device.

Any ideas?

So after a bit of research the issue is related to a USB Boot protocol as mentioned here:

The library HID-Project has included a BootKeyboard but according to the issues its not working perfectly and i wasn't able to find a working implementation of this so far. I've even tried a patch suggestion somewhere in HID-Project.

I've had a look at HID docs

but this is beyond my skill.