Arduino Micro - Move cursor in LCD

I am using arduino micro for my project. All functions are working fine.

Now, I need to get input from the keyboard & I need to move the Cursor position in the LCD to the other posistion.

How to do this?, Is there any other function for this?

Kindly giude me to do this.

You can search this site. One place to start is:

There is no command for move cursor. If i use set cursor command, the cursor is in home position only, it is not changing the position..

Kindly suggest a method to do this..

There is no command for move cursor.

I beg to differ. setCursor(column, row); moves the cursor to the row and column specified assuming that both are in the range of values valid for the LCD. The next thing printed to the LCD will start printing at that position.

Please post a program that illustrates the problem that you are having.