Arduino Micro with OLED


Is there a reason why a 0.96 '' OLED screen (this one specifically: does not work with an Arduino Micro and if with an Arduino ONE?

After fixing the code of the Adafruit bookstores and not being able to get it to turn on with the Arduino Micro, I came up with an Arduino UNO board that was around and started and, a priori, works perfectly.

Using the same code that I have loaded to the Arduino UNO (changing the option that gives the Arduino IDE for a board or another, in the case of Arduino Micro (Board: Arduino / Genuine Micro) and connecting the pins SCL and SDA , as well as the voltage, correctly, I can not make it turn on the screen.

I forgot to comment that I also tried to feed the screen (GND and VCC pins) independently to the board, in case the problem was there, but it did not work either)

Add also that, discarding that the Arduino Micro is damaged or fails, probe the code Bink (the simpler) and a priori works correctly.

Thanks and best regards.

I forgot to add the URL of the OLED screen

Already solved. Post can be closed.

Hey, what was the resolution? I have the exact same issue:
The same DIYmall OLED works on the Arduino Uno but not on the Arduino Micro using the exact same code and exact same pin configuration.


I solved the problem thanks to a user on this thread: I2C OLED working on Arduino Uno, not on Micro - Displays - Arduino Forum

The solution was to connect the OLED's SDA to Digital Pin 2, and the SCL to Digital Pin 3.

The reason was that my Arduino Micro Controller is using the ATmega32U4 processor, and the pinout configuration (as shown by the link below) indicates that SDA is on Digital Pin 2, SCL is on Digital Pin 3.