Arduino Music + Audio Projects. An amateur review of Grumpy Mike's new book

I have received my copy of the printed book. It only took a couple days after ordering to receive it in my small town of Spring Lake, Michigan, USA. I thought it a little on the pricey side at US$40 when I ordered it, but after receiving it, I think it's more than a fair price. It is quite thick: more than 1"/25mm. It is reminiscent of a college text book. In fact, I think if I were teaching a class on the subject, this would be a most appropriate text book.

Mike spends the first couple chapters on fundamentals of electronics, Arduinos, how midi works, etc. He has quite a few midi processing samples which I found the most interesting part of the book. The end of the book covers handling audio and DSP in probably greater detail than anything you’ll find on the least without spending many countless hours searching and accumulating the information.

The middle portion of the book held a number of fairly advanced midi projects. At first I was disappointed because they are so complicated and very specific to their function. But after I thought about it for a while, I’m glad he posted the elaborate projects rather than simpler general projects. It’s easier for someone learning to take an advanced project and pare it back to something the user wants rather than taking a simple project and figure out how to expand it from there. It also showcases how far you can push the Arduino format.

All in all, this is a highly recommended book. I would dare say anybody posting questions, seeking help , etc. on this sub-forum should purchase a copy. Good job, Grumpy Mike!

Thanks a lot, glad you liked it. :)

I have received my copy of the printed book.

That is more than I have. Not seen the final version yet myself.

As to the price, that is nothing to do with me, I think they pitch it on the number of pages and their estimate of how many it will sell.