Arduino Nano - Eagle library

So this is my first eagle library EVER and its also my first post EVER where i share something that i have created.

I am making a circuit for one of my projects and i needed a footprint that matched the arduino nano…
After a LOT of googling i came up empty handed…
So what did i do???
I tried to make one myself of course :smiley:

And here are the results in eagle schematics and board editor:

I hope that some of you will find this useful :slight_smile:

BTW: I dont know how to remove the pin names (P$1, P$2…) So deal with it or edit my design and upload your fixed version :slight_smile:

Copy rights:
This desing is under the copy right “Do what the f*** you want with it” So becareful…

If you see any faults please let me know :slight_smile: (1.86 KB)