Arduino not talking to AT45DB161E.


As some of you may know, a company called Adesto Technologies bought Atmel's DataFlash series of SPI flash devices.

I bought a few chips back when they were branded with Atmel's logo, and they worked like a charm. Recently, I decided to pick up Adesto's equivalent of my favorite DataFlash module, the AT45DB161E. Mind you, these were the exact same chips that I had bought from Atmel.

After getting them back, I wired them up exactly the same way I had done the Atmel chips, used exactly the same library, and they don't work. I've tried wiring up three of them to ensure that it wasn't a soldering error or accidentally overheating the chip whilst soldering issue.

Any ideas? The Adesto datasheet is identical to Atmel's with the exception of their logos and color schemes.

Thank you,