arduino pin output boost with transistor

I going to use the arduino to switch highpower leds. I already tested the IRF540N mosfet that was pressent in the arduino kit. This worked well, and also with PWM.

I have two series of three high power leds, each serie 14.8v 3A. I can use one Mosfet to power both series, 14.8v 6A or use two. I'am not sure how the arduino handles mosfets. I also want some 5mm control panel leds on arduino outputs. I think the arduino may get low on output power. Is it smart to use on each output for control leds and mosfets a transistor? I'am a nood with transistors, and have no idea what type I need. It needs to be able to power mosfet IRF540N's and 5mm leds. Can someone tell me a transistor number I can buy? And is the IRF540N a good chose for my purpose? It need to be able to switch fast for a PWM signal. And a transistor need to carry this signal to the mosfet.


I will test the 2N2222 to get familair with them. But do you know a good alternative for the IRF540N?

I looked up the 2n2222. It cost me $ 1,- a piece, If I use it on 6 outputs, it's not cheap. I see so many transistors, can I use a BC type? No idea what the differences are. This one for example... cost only $ 0,20 1A 45V? don't know any other specs.

I live in the Netherlands. A big electronics shop is Conrad... But I buy most on ebay.

The IRF540N works, but if there are mosfets than can more easily getting load, and switch fast and maybe are more efficient, less heat, that would be nice.

Is there a website that explains different types of components. I see so many transistors on Conrad, I do not understand there differences.

On ebay I found the 2n2222 for only 2,50 for 10. Thats allot cheaper. Do I need NPN or PNP? I can use the 2n2222 on any output pin of the arduino that needs to put out a "large" current. I tested the arduino ones with 4 5mm leds, but three bright, but when number 4 was added, the total brightness of all leds were lowered. So the arduino can't put out 20mAh on all pins the same time. With the 2n2222 I won't have that problem I think. The maybe only consume 1mAh?

Even of the 2n2222 I seem to see different models... 2n2907/2n2222, 2n2222 ksp2222, 2n2222A, 2n2222 mps2222?

Thanks for your help,

If I buy 2n2222's on ebay, does it matter wich one I buy? I see these types... product titles divided by ",". 2n2907/2n2222, 2n2222 ksp2222, 2n2222A, 2n2222 mps2222.

On mouser I see allot of different mosfets. I can see how much V and A they can switch, but how can I see how much V and power they need to switch. And do you know what "Resistance Drain-Source RDS (on)" and "Resistance Drain-Source RDS (on)" means?

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I also searched on Conrad the way you did. I also used T220 and N channel. The prices started from 2,10 as you sad. But they also sell the IRF540N, but this was not in that list, isn't this a n channel? Maybe bad list, but the IRF540N cost only 0,94.

I did saw that on mouser. But here it's still avalible, also allot of them on international ebay. But strange way I did not find it with the component finder on Conrad when I selected T220 and N-channel. But when I type IRF540N on search he is there. Does the IRF540N not belong in that catagory? Because I see allot of IRF's, but not in that catagory, and strangly all cheaper than the cheapest I can find in that catagory?