Arduino+Pressure Sensor

I am a beginner of this board so my question probabily seems so easy.

Here is the plan. I want to use Arduino read the data collected by Pressure sensor which measure pressure of water in a pipe.

So any suggestions about the electronic connection?

The datasheet of the pressure sensor will be listed in first reply.

the website of datasheet of the pressure sensor.

The sensor is the equivilent of a resistor bridge.

On the most fundamental level, connect IN+ to your supply voltage OUT+ to your Arduino analog in pin and IN-and OUT- to GND. This is assuming you have a "K" version, if you have an "L" version you will need a shunt resistor.

You will definately want an opamp to increase the signal level (right now it is only 100mV full-scale. Since the Arduino is 10-bit (~5mV per count), you will only get 20 counts from 0 to maximum. I'm assuming you need more resolution than 20 counts.

thx very much. that helps a lot

I'm a complete beginner too and I'm trying to do something very similar. Initially I need to read the measurements of a digital pressure sensor.
I suppose my question is the same as well- how would you suggest I do the electronic connection?
Please be gentle, my knowledge of electronics is very basic!

data sheet link to follow

That sensor has 8 pins. 5 of them are labeled N/C, which means, logically enough, No Connection. The Vs pin gets connected to +V of the Arduino. The GND pin gets connected to ground of the Arduino.

The Vout pin gets connected to an analog pin.

Thats great. Thanks.