Arduino pro micro - breadboard circuit - leds


I’m doing a circuit on a breadboard with arduino pro micro.

I’ll publish photos with the circuit.
The code is made to blink 3 different blocks of leds. I think the code is correct… the problem maybe the board or the circuit???

I hope you can help me.

I can't tell for sure but it looks like the LEDs are backwards. Look for a flat on the base of the LED. That side goes to ground. Or the long leg goes on the positive side.

Oh! Yeah! For sure!

It was that, amazing!!!

But now I’m facing another problem: I’ll upload a vídeo (can’t… to big).

First, only the red was blinking, but than the yellow starts…
Green doesn’t run…
Than yellow stops again.
And the red stop blinking but lightning!
And all of them are with the same code???

You have to share your code if you want help.
Also, tell us what you want to accomplish.
Use code tags <> in the menu.


int LED1=2; //Declaring LED1 as an int, and set it to 2
int LED2=3; //Declaring LED1 as an int, and set it to 3
int LED3=4; //Declaring LED2 as an int, and set it to 3
int LED1onTime=100; //This is LED1 Led ontime
int LED1offTime=100; //This is LED1 Led offtime
int LED2onTime=100; //This is LED2 Led ontime
int LED2offTime=100; //This is LED2 Led offtime
int LED3onTime=100; //This is LED3 Led ontime
int LED3offTime=100; //This is LED3 Led offtime
int numLED1Blink=3; //Number of times to Blink LED1

void setup() {

pinMode(LED1, OUTPUT);
pinMode(LED2, OUTPUT);
pinMode(LED3, OUTPUT);


void loop() {

for(int j=1; j<=numLED1Blink; j=j+1) {
digitalWrite(LED1, HIGH); //Turn the LED1 on
delay(LED1onTime); //Wait
digitalWrite(LED1, LOW); //Turn the LED1 off
delay(LED1offTime); //Wait


digitalWrite(LED2, HIGH); //Turn the LED2 on
delay(LED2onTime); //Wait
digitalWrite(LED2, LOW); //Turn the LED2 off
delay(LED2offTime); //Wait

digitalWrite(LED3, HIGH); //Turn the LED3 on
delay(LED3onTime); //Wait
digitalWrite(LED3, LOW); //Turn the LED3 off
delay(LED3offTime); //Wait

Then I erase the option for. And put everything equal.

I did that after seeing that was not working well, but the solution does not helped!

Instead of 4 is 5 - 3LED=5
I changed that in the code before... it's a copy past error from the notes I've.

What is supposed to happen? Can’t help you achieve your goal without a clue as to the goal.

Please use code tags for code. It is easier to read and to cut and paste so that we can test the code in our IDE.

edit: using your code (without for loop) i get sequentially blinking LEDs, 1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3… Not what you want?