Arduino pro micro keyboard hardware

Hello guys, i have a plan to create a super simple project to emulate thinkpad trackpoint on a dedicated device created on arduino pro micro. The main hurdle is I kind need to know a list of hardware needed for this plan.

The idea is

Using extracted thinkpad T400 trackpoint module
( It talks ps/2 i think) and Desktorithy has mapped the circuit for the said module here i attach it

And other things in my mind is to use 3 cherry mx switches for the left, right, and middle button.

What i need help with is the other small component such as resistor, capacitor, diodes, etc

And the best practice for it since the trackpoint module it self has contacts for those 3 button

Thank you before, sorry for bad English and other violation in forum etiquette that I mau have missed.

Your attachment didn't work. Try again.

Your attachment didn't work. Try again.

Oops my bad, there I fixed it