arduino PRO mini and isp

Hello everybody :-D I am currently re-designing a PCB for a micro air vehicle (Tricopter), this time, I want to use an arduino PRO mini (5V, mega16). But I don't want to use the bootloader stuff, I wan't to program it via ISP. I know that there is a tutorial for the Arduino mini + ISP in the net (see link1 in the second post). But I think this guide won't work for the PRO. When looking at the schematics of the PRO, it seems that there is no pin connected to the SCK pin of the ATmega... Is that correct? Would I have to solder a wire directly to the sck pin of the ATmega...? That wouldn't be really nice...

All the best and thanks for your help, William


If you like, you can take a look at my tricopter here:

If you are using an Arduino Pro Mini 328 SCK is definitely connected.

The pins you want for ISP are (Arduino pin names): - MOSI - Arduino digital 11 - MISO - Arduino digital 12 - SCK - Arduino digital 13

And of course Vcc, GND and Reset.

Thank you! The schematic was a little bit confusing, because on the mini pro there is also a LED connected to SCK.... And I didn't see any connection between the sck pin and the "output" pins... But digital 13 really seems to be connected to sck :-D

Yes, on the Arduino platform the SCK pin of the AVR chip is also used for that LED connected to Arduino pin "digital 13".

Good morning! I have a problem about this topic, I am trying to programm a Pro Mini 328 16Mhz (5v) with a parallel port ISP programmer and it doesn't work. I tried the same programmer with a Duemilanove (same as Mini Pro) and it works fine! The schematic is the same with the Pro Mini, I soldered the connections in both cases: MISO -> D12; MOSI -> D11; SCK -> D13; Vcc; GND; RST. The serial programmer works fine, and I tried with 3 different Mini Pro boards! Something strange is happening... Could anybody help me? Perhaps is the led in pin13 bothering?

Thanks in advance and greetings!