Arduino punch force sensor

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I’m wanting to make a punch power meter reader like funfairs have.

Currently I’ve got an ADXL345 accelerometer connected to Arduino Uno. I’ve run a the following sample sketch that gives me reading on X, Y & Z from the serial monitor to test the device works but I want to be able to measure force.

What I want is to be able to place the sensor in a pad then when hitting it I get a number which increases when hit harder. Ideally have it display onto a digital display.

Optionally if I solve this it would be cool to add other modes like reading reaction time. For example an LED or sound is played and based on how soon you hit it a number shows the response time from serial monitor and led screen.

Can anyone put me in the right direction on where to start?



The accelerometer measures only acceleration, which is change in velocity over time.

If you know the mass of the object that is being accelerated, force (in Newtons) = (mass in kg)*(acceleration in m/s^2).

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You can use a load sensor and you need to add a method to save the peak voltage. There are circuits that do just that, called peak and hold pr peak detector.
This is a link to the circuit complete with explanation: Planet Analog - Peak Detector: A Classic Analog Circuit Still in Wide Use

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