Arduino R3 with separate ESP8266 or Arduino ESP8266 Wifi Board?

Hi! I am trying to connect the ADXL 335 (requires 3 analog pins), and ultrasonic distance sensor on firebase. I was advised to use esp8266 but the board I have does not support the ADXL335 since it only have one analog pin, unless we do multiplexing but we are considering if it is better to use the Arduino ESP8266 Wifi Board? Will I be able to use all the Analog pins there to connect our sensors in firebase? And if we use it, in the board in IDE, is it considered "Generic ESP8266" to import our code? thankyou!

do you mean the "Arduino Uno WiFi" ?

This has not gotten much traction here in the forum and makes code complicated.
You could get an ESP32 which has more ADC capable pins

Oh yes the ESP32, however i dont have background but i am searching on it, can you recommend me a model? I am confused to esp 32 arducam or just a wifi module, thankyou so much sir!

you probably don't need the camera so just a regular ESP32 will do the job

There are literally dozens of models with various capabilities (screen, Lora, ...) so hard to recommend one over the other but I'm sure you can find comparisons on line.

noted sir! thankyou so much, one last thing, as i am doing my research, the esp32 i see only has D1, D2...D34. I dont see any Analog inputs :frowning: Or is it already suppoted to read analog sensors?

Alternatively you could continue to use your "Arduino esp8266" board, whatever that is, and replace the adxl335 board with one that has an i2c interface and requires no analog inputs, such as mpu6050, or something similar and maybe better.

Or continue to use your esp8266 and your adxl335 and add an ads1115 i2c analog to digital converter.

Many pins can actually do both

see ESP32 Analog Input with Arduino IDE | Random Nerd Tutorials for example


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