Arduino reading double-din radio volume rotary dial knob

Hey all I bought a Chinese double din radio in order to modify it to my liking. The main reason why i went with this one is that it had a few buttons and turn knobs on the front and i wanted to use an Arduino in order to "read" this inputs in order to do stuff within my software program.

However, I am not quite sure what I need to check in order to find out how to go about hooking up the rotary dial knob buttons to the arduino so that i can read each "click" that it makes. They also have a push button mode when you press on the front of the rotary dial.

As a side note I will be supplying the power to these so nothing on the board will be used except the physical rotary dial - aside from a few resisters it seems as well.

Here are a few images of the pcb layout:

And knowledge would be great as to how to go about hooking this up to read by the arduino :slight_smile:

A Google search for "arduino quadrature rotary encoder" gets lots of hits to tutorials, wiring and example code. I see this library mentioned, often, for interfacing those encoders.

Alright another question - since this is an infinite turn in either direction how would i determine, say for music volume, if its back at 0 or if its all the way up?

You don’t, you count the clicks up and down. It holds no value when powered down like an analogue pot would. So the power up volume is up to your software.