Arduino rfid 125 khz

Hey there and thank you for reading this. I am using an A-Star 32U4 Micro arduino and im trying to conect the RDM6300 - 125KHz Cardreader Mini-Module.

Im using this scketch at the moment:

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>

// RFID | Nano
// Pin 1 | D2
// Pin 2 | D3
SoftwareSerial Rfid = SoftwareSerial(2,3);

void setup() {
// Serial Monitor to see results on the computer
// Communication to the RFID reader

void loop() {
// check, if any data is available
if(Rfid.available() > 0 ){
// as long as there is data available...
while(Rfid.available() > 0 ){
// read a byte
int r =;
// print it to the serial monitor
Serial.print(r, DEC);
Serial.print(" ");
// linebreak

with this circuit:

module tx --- arduino pin 2
module vcc ----- 5v
module ground ---- ground
antenna pins ---- antenna

when i put the card in the sensor nothing shows up on serial port. I tried this setup and exact same sensors on a arduino uno (same skecth) and it worket perfectly but i cant get this working on the micro.

If you have a 32U4 MCU why are you using that crippled SoftwareSerial library? Use Serial1 on pins 0 and 1 and you have a real serial interface that doesn't block the complete processor.

If you insist in using SoftwareSerial use pins 8-11 to connect as the other pins (p.e. your pins 2 and 3) don't support the necessary pin change interrupt.

Changed it to serial1 but now the output looks like this:

i need it in variable like all off it how can i join all this text?

I guess you forgot to paste something.I see no output in your post.

click the image

click the image

There is no image. Do you see one?