Arduino Serial Bluetooth Module

I am trying to send a character array via Serial with a baud rate of 9600 as follows:

int length = 10;
unsigned char* message = new unsigned char[length];
//populate array
Serial.write(message, length);
delete[] message;

My problem is that when the array is received by another device (in my case, an Android), it is being received in pieces based on the length of the array. Even just a message of length 3 is being split up on the receiving end.

I have tested on 2 bluetooth modules, 2 Arduinos, and multiple Android devices, so I feel like it is something I am doing across the board wrong. I don't think the problem is specific to the particular device I am using. Any help, all tips, and any links would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance!

What is in the array, why do want to send an array, and what do you expect the Android to do with it when it arrives intact?

What do I expect the Android to do: Process the information in whichever way it wants

OK. I still don't understand, and perhaps shouldn't have asked, particularly as I recall there is some kind of taboo on unsigned chars. All I do is send data to Android. The reason why I asked specifically about the Android is that all the Android apps that receive from Arduino are more or less the same, they just get data, so perhaps your real exercise is a new Android app. The only exception I am aware of is Bluetooth graphics terminal, which demands data in a string. It is also the only Android app I know of that actually processes anything.

If you need to work in chars, then the code you wrote may be "normal" but I'm afraid I don't see anything normal in it. I guess it is also incomplete. Taking a deep breath and explaining your project might actually be a good idea.