Arduino Sketches & Heart Rate Monitors

HI, I am new to the forum, I have began implementing a project which requires the use of Sensors and Arduino. I am having trouble getting my head around the Aurduino Firmware Code/Sketches. I want to use a heart rate monitor, routed through Arduino and then to a Computer which will output Video Clips in correspondence with the heart rate. Say if the heart rate reaches 80 BPM then I will output one video, if it reaches 82, I will output another video Clip.

Here is where I am having trouble. I have no previous programming experience and am looking for some help with my Arduino Sketches. I need to get some basic sketches done this week that will read the heart rate and output something, anything at all. I would greatly appreciate some help. Just a basic sketch for reading heart rates and taking that information and outputting something, anything. A very basic sketch.

Thanks in advance.

The Arduino reads data from sensors that are connected to either a digital pin or an analog pin. What kind of heart rate monitor do you have hooked to the Arduino, and what pin is it connected to?

Knowing the type of data that can be obtained from the sensor, and which pin to get the data from are essential pieces of information needed to write the sketch.

Thank you for your response. Sorry, I don't have the heart rate monitor as of yet, the college has ordered it for me and I am unsure as to what kind it is. I don't really need to have anything working, I just need to show a sketch to my supervisor that would work when everything is hooked up. Do you know what I mean? Let's just say that it is connected to digital pin 9, could you make some code out of that? I am just under a lot of pressure to show that I have some code done and am struggling with it. Thank you very much.


It is just a "Potential" sketch that I am looking for if you know what I mean. Thanks again.

Let's just say that it is connected to digital pin 9, could you make some code out of that?

No - how can we when we don't know what the interface is? It could be serial data, it could be a simple pulse-per-beat, or analogue. Ask the college for a spec.

AWOL, I will try and get the spec asap

OK, here is the link to the monitor, "Pulse Rate Monitor Kit":

This is what it says under product features:

  • Uses infrared radiation to detect your pulse
  • Output can be seen in the form of a LED flashing with your pulse, or heard via an on-board sounder
  • Requires 4 x AA batteries (Order Code: L43AL)

Really hope this helps?

Really hope this helps?

Not really - it’s out of stock.

I think the college bought the remainder of them I was speaking to a lecturer just now. Can the info given on the product be of any assistance in writing the sketch?

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