arduino thermal anemometer

Hi everyone,

Quite a while ago some guys on the old forum helped me make a thermal anemometer for arduino. It's been a while since I did anything with this project, but since I have received a few messages on this topic I wrote a fairly short blog post on my anemometer. You can find it here:

I hope it is of use to someone.


p.s. Should I add this to the playground "environmental" section? I have no idea how...

Thanks for reporting back on the project.

Should I add this to the playground "environmental" section?


I have no idea how...

Neither to I.


Should I add this to the playground "environmental" section? I have no idea how...

you should be able to login to the playground with your credentials (I allways use the flag remember password) and I can edit my articles.

If it does not work I can give it a try for you.

Added to playground: Arduino Playground - HomePage

It's needs some beautifying.
I have also added a link at the environment section.

Looks fine to me, thanks Krodal!

looks good!

You might add a link to this thread for discussion purpose ...

hi guys, I have an arduino pro with atmega328@3.3V, I am powering the board with a 3.7V lipo battery only, is there a way use this FS5 sensor and get the wind speed ?

I just saw this article, hence I'm posting quite late. But I thought it might be useful to point out that a sensor like this is expected to have significant errors at low flow or "still" air due to the convection flow from the self-heated sensor. The device that was used for calibration of this project specifies a lower limit of 0.125 m/s for this reason. This is the main reason for the significant non-linearity shown at the low end of the calibration curve and input data values below a certain level should be discounted as suspect and not "linearized".

And for what it is worth, this same principle can be used to measure vacuum levels - here the assumption is use in a non-flowing gas and the voltage/heating required to maintain the sensor at a set level is proportional to conduction of heat from the sensor which is proportional to gas pressure.