Arduino two encoder reading

hello, I need to use two incremental rotary encoders in a project. I need to control the position of two dc motors in my project. they must move at the same speed at the same time. I am looking for an integrated encoder counter in this regard, arduino alone cannot do this correctly. I await your advice on this matter.


My advice is post something concrete about what performance you need from the encoders, pulses-per-revolution, maximum rpm, etc etc.

there is only 2 hardware interrupt support, this is not enough, the cards I use contain atmega328p

Pin change interrupts ?
Have you looked at this encoder library

As mentioned above this isn't the case, there are pin-change interrupts on every pin in the ATmega328 for instance.

If you provide the information I ask it will be possible to give informed replies, not guesses.

Currently we have no quantitative information at all, and such details are essential to give any meaningful answer.