Arduino Uno Firmdata library problem

I was trying a sketch in Processing from a friend of mine. We used the exact same code with the same RGB led and same wiring.

The sketch is bringing up a color wheel and when you choose a color, your RGB led become of that color.
Processing sketch

Color wheel : (save as "wheel.jpg" in your data folder)
Using the Processing library v. 0017

and I upload the sketch StandardFirmdata from the Arduino IDE v. 0021.

So the problem is my RGB led is alway White and does nothing. No problem on the side of my friend.

The only difference we technically have is that he used the IDE v. 0020 and he have an Arduino duemilanove.

(I have a UNO)

Can anyone solve this mystery?
So far our theory is about the missing FTDI of the UNO.

I have a similar problem with the UNO, i cant get it to work with firmdata and as3glue the led on pin13 gets powered randomly

Do you have any handphone synching software running on your machine? I had all sorts of oddness until I deleted the Sony Ericsson PC Suite.


I solved the problem changing baud rate from 57600 to 115200

Going to try that someday.