Arduino UNO + ITEAD Studio GPS Shield + DFROBOT LCD Shield

Hey Guys,

I am not new to arduino and understand syntax and how to use libraries but I do not even really know where to start with this project other than putting the pieces together. I have read up code on the GPS in the forums but I need to use the LCD Shield with buttons to enter in longitude and latitude coordinates and then have the screen give some sort of basic feedback (i.e. "hotter" or "colder" or maybe even just tell me my current position and give some feedback once I arrive at the entered coordinates). Just about anything simple will do. Here are some helpful links for those who want to help but are not familiar with the devices Thanks for all your help! (P.S. if it makes things easier I heard using the tiny GPS library can be helpful but I am not sure what all the functions and methods do).

Info on the GPS:

here's the demo code for the GPS shield

Link: Arduino Forum

here is info on the LCD:

One thing to check when using two or more shields is whether each shield uses pins the other uses. For example, the LCD shield uses digital pins 4-10 for the LCD and analog pin 0 for reading the buttons. Hopefully the GPS shield does not use any of those buttons. A second thing to check is whether the Arduino plus each shield together does not overload your power supply (presumably each shield is designed to be used with an Arduino, but the combination of the two might be too much power).

I would imagine you should try each shield separately to get use to them. The LCD shield is perhaps simpler, so that might be the one to tackle first. I have the DFR shield, and there was sample code on the DFR site to use it to print things out and read from the keys. Then do the GPS, at first just printing the location to the LCD screen (assuming you have a battery for the unit to move it to other locations).