Arduino uno ov7670 HELP MY DEADLINE IS COMING UP!!!!

hi guys, im new to arduino, and my deadline is about 2 weeks time, and my lecturer ask me to do a project using ov7670, but im totally new to arduino, can i finish it in 2 weeks time?? is this easy? so basically my project is to make a prototype, like a spectacles with the camera focusing on the user eye (for the handicap) to turn on led light when the user blink their eyes.

get on to what i want to ask, can ov7670 function without sd modules and the retangular led that shows the image being capture? or can i just connect to the computer as a driver (if yes, what kind of driver?)\

anyone can provide me the code of basic functioning of the camera ? your help will be greatly appreciated

p.s for my poor english.

I typed two words into a Google search and had all kinds of info.

arduino ov7670

If a tree falls down in the Woods and there is no one around to hear it, does it make a Sound? That Comes to mind when asked if a camera will take Pictures if there is no SD Card to store them on or a Monitor to Display them.