Arduino UNO serial transmit same message to multiple receivers?

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Short version: If I have a computer connected to the USB port, and a Raspberry Pi connected to the serial pins on the board, and I send a message via the Arduino's serial, can it be received by both the PC and the Pi?

Longer version:

I have a project which is a pinewood derby track timer presently is configured to send race results via the USB port to a connected computer running race management software. A short video of it is available here:

I also have a raspberry pi instant replay set up which is triggered by one of the Arduino digital pins. Short video available here:

I would like to overlay the race results and the times on the instant replay video as well as send them back to the computer. If I connect the computer to the USB port and the Raspberry Pi to the serial pins, will the data flow through both conduits simultaneously?

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A serial output (TX) can connect to any number of serial inputs (RX). But only one (distant) TX can be connected to a RX pin.

If present, an USB port already connects to the RX/TX pins of the first Serial device. A Mega has 4 Serial devices, which can connect to 4 independent channels.

Perfect - that's what I suspected, but before I tear into it I wanted to make sure the theory was sound.

Much apprecaited!