Arduino UNO Voltage Regulator


I'm looking to power my UNO with an independent battery supply, possibly combined with a solar panel to make the system lower maintenance.

I understand that the UNO has a built in voltage regulator but I don't know what it is regulating??

If i was to use a battery supply would I need to regulate the voltage to between 7 and 12V myslef before connecting it or will the UNO do this itself?

Thanks in advance!

The Uno has an input voltage limit of 6-20V. Although it is recommended to stay 7-12V so that the 5V regulator on the Uno will run most efficiently.

OK thanks.

I understand that both the DC jack and the Win can take 7-12 volts which would go through the regulator to make a 5V output but if there was a USB supply would that also go through the regulator?

No, the USB power will bypass the 5V reg as far as I'm aware