Arduino Vehicle Data Logger / Black box OBD II

Hey guys,

Pls check out my project which I built over the summer for school. It is an Arduino based vehicle data logger.

It uses an ELM327 chip, a MCP2551 CAN transceiver, and of course an Arduino. It also features a 3-axis accelerometer, LCD display, and SD card for data logging. It basically reads data from the OBD-II port and logs important data such as speed and rpm.

Thanks, Dino

I like it alot. Very cool. Can it calculate MPG?

I like it alot. Very cool. Can it calculate MPG?

Yes it can calculate MPG though it is not implemented in this project. It can calculate MPG by getting data from the ECU such as % fuel left in the tank and odometer readings. It can then make appropriate calculations by knowing the tank size before hand. By using this method, it can also calculate an approximate distance till empty and a bunch of other useful stuff. The only limitation of this project is the response time of the ECU so the more we request, the less real time the other data is.

Nice Project, i did the same for my Nissan Primera although i used a microchip Pic, i'm considering redoing the project for arduino and maybe implementing cruise control, i realise the implications of this and for safety would have a footswitch that needed to continuosly pressed or some other failsafe device