Arduino Web Editor min requirements for RPi OS support


Ref: 1/28/21 thread: Arduino web editor & chromebooks + a few more

In preparation for the delivery of a single (my mistake) Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect, I tried to use the Arduino Web Editor on RPi3 for some Hello World RPi Pico testing. The Pico is working fine for RPi tutorials (Micropython & C/C++ SDK). However, I've run into a browser problem with the Arduino Web Editor.

I am using Chromium under RPi OS (5.10.17-v7 #1414 armv7l) but cannot install the prerequisite Chrome app that will upload sketches to the Pico. Recognizing that I'm using an unsupported browser (viz. Chromium) with the Arduino Web Editor, my question is:

Is there a browser under current RPi OS that will support sketch uploads to Arduino boards using the Arduino Web Editor? Thanks.

Kind regards.

Your best option is to forget the Web editor.

You can run the Arduino IDE on a RPi3 with no trouble.

Start by using sudo apt install arduino to get an icon on the RaspiOS desktop. Then replace the stuff you've just installed with the linuxarm tarball.

Or install VSCode which should work with the Nano RP2040 if you install the Raspberry Pico RP2040 extensions.

Thanks, Dougie! I'm all too familiar with the IDE installation under diverse platforms. Personal idiosyncrasies made me feel that the Web Editor was worth a spin on RPi. Thanks all the same. Also, understand your sentiments about VSCode fully.

Kind regards.

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