Arduino with camera and gsm

Hey guys… Please I need help in confirming the feasibility of a project I’m to work on.
I need my Arduino to send an SMS to a phone when motion is detected in an area, but I also want to take a picture of the place at the same time and send it as well. Now how is it possible to send the picture, and what would I use? I’ve tried researching on MMS but it seems almost impossible with Arduino.
I’ve also seen ways to post it on a web server, but I’d prefer direct sending or uploading to a cloud account for security reasons.
I’d appreciate any helpful opinion. Thanks.

I've never tried it, but everything I've ever seen on this forum pretty much says that "Arduino" and "camera" don't belong in the same sentence.

Sorry if I wasn't clear on the picture aspect before. I intend to use an ESP32-CAM for the picture. I just want to know if it's possible to send the picture and how. If not, how best do you suggest the user receives the picture immediately and securely?
By 'secure' I mean a log-in kind of platform.
Thanks for your time.