Arduino Yun + Finger Print Scanner (GT-511C3) + GetTemplate

In FPS_GT511C3.h library the "GetTemplate(int id)" and other functions are not implemented due to memory restrictions.

Is there any way this could work?

If the template is too big for the SRAM on arduino yun. Is there a way to stream the template to the server as it is retrieved from the fingerprint scanner?


How is the scanner connected to the yun? If its serial or spi, you may be able to control it directly from the linux cpu, which has some 64 mb of ram.

Hello Wuerfel_21,
Sorry for the late reply. I am using serial.

Do you know where I can find the complete library for FPS_GT511C3 including the GetTemplate(int id) and set functions?


You should use a stardard usb fingerprint sensor, Yun can handle it with linux side of the force.