Arduino Yun Static IP Address

Hello, I am trying to set up a static IP address for my Arduino Yun. I need a static IP Address because I am setting it up for work, which has a secure network. The secure Lan network only allows IP Addresses that it recognizes.

I am therefore, trying to use an "old," registered IP address so that the secure network will allow the Yun to connect to the internet.

So my question is, what is the best way to give the Arduino a specific static IP address. Keep in mind that I cannot connect to the network at work without the specific IP address. But, I am currently connected to my home router with a regular IP address.

Arduino Yun: permanently set static ip address by modify network file

Arduino Yun: permanently set static ip address by UCI API

Change Network Config via Yún Serial Terminal ( Arduino IDE, File->Examples->Bridge->YunSerialTerminal)

I tried the second option, and it worked. Thank you sonnyyu very much for your help. I really appreciate your input and your help with my project.