Ardunio with Bluetooth module hc 05

Is it possible to connect or disconnect the Bluetooth module hc-05 at Specific time from smart devices with arduino commands.. If yes, how

Are you meaning Pair/Unpair ?

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Yes, i means unpair or pair from ardunio commands.

Or just pair using ardino command

Are you sure you really mean "unpair". Pairing is not the same as connecting. Generally, devices are paired once and remain paired indefinitely. Connection is made when you want communication b/w them.

In my projects, connection is initiated from the app (I don't know if it can be initiated from the sketch). The app can also disconnect. I suppose the sketch could request the app to disconnect. It would be up to you to create a code for the sketch to send and be responded to by the app.

To disconnect at a particular time of day, perhaps the simplest way would be to use the phone's time of day clock. The sketch could send a command requesting the app to disconnect at a certain time of day. Might be other strategies to explore.

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The answer is surely "yes" but it is not an Arduino problem. All you need is a phone app that sends the appropriate signal at the appropriate time. Getting Arduino to respond accordingly is the easy bit. The only reason I can think of as to why why you could possibly want to do this, is to save power, in which event Arduino simply switches HC-05 off via a mosfet or the like.

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Thank You for Reply, basically i am working on a project in which correct thumb by using finger print sensor only allow to Turn 0n the Bluetooth and then pair.. Then exchange of data take place after verification of thumb.. I want that type of code in ardunio that Bluetooth only Pair when finger print will match..

So, what is the "specific time" mentioned in your first post?

Every time the smart device is paired, someone has to press the "accept" button on the screen.

Appreciate for help,
Can we place the digital pins of arduino as a Voltage pin ( by this we can simple write the command on arduino borad specific pin to turn on or off the hc 05 module)

You don't say where the fingerprint sensor is.
Either way, you probably need to configure the smart device as a slave. I understand this is possible but I have never heard of anybody actually doing it. Once done, you can configure an HC-05 Bluetooth on Arduino as a master with power-on auto-connect. I assume the fingerprint sensor is on Arduino. In that event, "power-on" is the aforementioned control of Bluetooth via mosfet as a response to the fingerprint sensor.

The point of all this is far from clear, and I suspect you just need to get over your paranoia and simply have one or the other programme controlled by fingerprint and not worry about controlling Bluetooth.

I also suspect you need to get wise about the difference between pairing and connecting. This whole deal is probably simpler than you think.

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Can ardunio nano every connect to the HC-05 bluetooth via MIT inventor app? I tried ardunio nano every connected to the bluetooth HC-o5 via MIT inventor app so it is not working.

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