i want to know can i use arm processor in arduino. is there any open source for ARM (like arduino)

its work in progress - Breakfast at Arduino | Arduino Blog -

Link is broken, "Error 404 - Not Found"

There are many ARMs, ASAIK, this one using arduino IDE

Check here :
this is the repo
and here there is the community
This board is based on STM32F1 and STM32F4 micro controller.


I assume you are from India and most probably from south india , as such the TENETECH guys are providing the ARMDUINO which is actually OLIMEXINO STM32 and which i like a lot myself so got check it out, these boards the best and they have overtaken the Mega in terms of many things like processor, additional auxiliary facilities like SD card and peripheral contectivity etc in a 40% approx less cost.

It's not arduino.. but a ARM GNU/Linux system for 25$, Raspberry Pi.

its work in progress -

Very interesting that that link is broken. Should we read anything into that?


If you notice there is a typo at the end of the link, the correct one is:

Should we read anything into that?...typo at the end of the link

I guess not :slight_smile:

But we all wonder when the new Arduino OverDue will be available.


But we all wonder when the new Arduino OverDue will be available.


lol very good one XD

To be honest I'm not looking forward to it.. unless arduino's core team will start to support and maintain two different architectures in the future, the 8bit and the 32bit. If for some reason the evolution is only 32bit then I think the community should start to think about forking arduino.

I guess they will have to support both architectures for as long as 8-bits is useful and viable and that will be a long time.

It follows then that there will be more work to do and presumably the same number of guys to do it, that could be an issue. Maybe they could do with a new 32-bit "team" to port the official code/libraries as they are created and/or modified.

A couple of people have suggested they are willing to help, as would I be.


Just look at the name "Arduino DUE".. for me that's the evolution of the product meaning that the "old 8bit architecture" will not receive more releases, maybe only revisions (R4, R5 and so on). I'ts not logical for "Arduino TRE" to use 8bits again and be the evolution release of UNO.