Atheros WiFi Module + Arduino = ??

So, I am salvaging what I can from a dead laptop. There is honestly not a whole lot of easily useable stuff (it's all smd, basically) and I was just browsing Google and came across a picture of the WiFi Shield for Arduino. So I wondered...

Can I use the laptops old wifi module to build my own wifi shield? I heart the Arduino, but all I have is the Uno board. With not a lot of funds, I have been unable to get any accessories (dying to get my hands on the Ethernet Shield). So I was just wondering if this was at all possible?

Thanks in advance!!

short answer ... no

its at least pci or usb, the arduino supports neither

Eh, oh well. I'll just save the WiFi card for...some other use. Wouldn't know what. Thanks anyways! I was gonna ask what's the long answer, but I did some "light reading", and from what I gathered, PCI speeds reach the Gbit range. As well as other hurtles, I understand why one couldn't use a PCI designed card with arduino.