ATmega 328p-au, resonator, Fuses

I have an ATmega 328p-au, its surface mounted on a pcb based on an Arduino Pro Mini running at 16mhz and 5v

Xtal 1 and 2 are connected to a ceramic resonator with inbuilt capaictors of 15pf as per the schematic, link below.

328p and resonator are soldered on and I can talk to the chip using the iscp and an stk500v2 with the default fuse settings

extended 0XFF
high 0Xd9
Low 0X62

Should i set the fuses for a Full swing oscillator as i will be using a 16mhz Ceramic resonator


I think you can use either full swing or low power oscillator mode. The Uno has a 16MHz resonator and is set by default to low power oscillator. You'll save a small amount of current by using low power mode (with an 8MHz crystal I measured a savings of 1.4mA). If you need to drive another clock, you anticipate noise issues or you don't care about that small amount of current savings then use full swing.

Hey , thanks for your prompt response jboyton! It worked with Full swing External, 258ck 14ck+65ms, Thanks again man!!