Atmega168 and L293D controls stepper motor

Hi everyone,

I'm new to Arduino and I'm working on a project. I need to control a 5-wire stepper motor with my Arduino board. I want to use L293D as my driver.

I use my computer's usb to power the Arduino board. My question is, can I power up the L293D using the Arduino board or do I need to use a separate power supply? How can I use the L293D to drive the motor? I want to know the exact circuit configuration to do this.


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The answer to both of your questions is yes.

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Well the answer to an either-or can't be "yes"... Power the motors (And L293D's Vs) separately from the Arduino. The Vss pin on the L293D is logic supply and should be the Arduino's 5V. Just be sure to use a common ground and have decoupling for the L293D's Vs

Hi MarkT,

What if I use an external power supply to power the arduino, does it mean that I can now use the 5V of the arduino as a supply to the L293D and the motor?

Try not to use the same supply for motors and logic, its fraught with problems.

Okay, thanks for your advice! :)

The Arduino's 5V supply can barely handle the L293D's logic section. Barely meaning after a few hours of run, the regulator will be on the virge of thermal shutdown and the Arduino will be wiggy at best.

hi ajofscott ,

If that is the case, then what should I put on the Vss of the L293D? Another 5V power supply?

Run motor controls on its own supply only share the ground between the sections.