Atmega328p standalone on breadboard

hi, I am making a project right know where I am almost at the finished product. The problem is the space I need for the finished product should only be minimal and without having the arduino uno board attached. I would like to ask since the microcontroller can be removed from the arduino uno, if it is transferred in the breadboard will it still work or are their any additional components that I need to attach?

Thank you!

Do you have enough room to use a Nano and plug it into headers on your PCB?
This is an example in a POC prototype.

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I am actually planning to just put it in the breadboard and I don’t know if I have sufficient space for a nano because in the breadboard I am also going to attach the ultrasonic sensor and some wires.

Try a Promini, even smaller. Program it, then drop it in.

Flat LiPo battery under the card helped drive the box size.

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Or configure its placement in the chassis so you can easily connect an FTDI cable.

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Use vertical pins instead of right angle, makes that easy.


Actually, this project is due tomorrow so I don’t have the time to buy another arduino but hopefully I can buy promini in the future. But is it possible that the microcontroller of the arduino uno will work if I remove it from the shield and attach it to the breadboard?

Ohh thanks for the tip, I’m actually a beginner at this kind of thing so I still have a hard time in making these projects.

16 MHz crystal, two 22pF caps from crystal legs to Gnd.
10K resistor from Reset to 5V.
three 0.1uF caps - one each on VCC, AVCC, and AREF to Gnd.
Do not connect AREF to 5V.

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Thank you, I will try this on my breadboard.

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