ATxmega Arduino Development

I have been looking at the ATxmega chips, and they seem like great chips, but i never really learned how to use most of the features of an avr with avr code, and i find the arduino system to be much easier to work with. I really want to try to build an arduino clone around a xmega A1 series (the 100 pin TQFP package) like the 256 or 384. I have a general idea of what would need to go into the hardware aspect, but i might need some help. Also, the software, i would have no clue how to do the software part of it, like the bootloader, or the core. it would be nice to build in the extra xmega features into the arduino software for people who don't fully know how to use the avr standard code, like myself. If anybody thinks they can lend a hand with some of the design, it would be very helpful.

I believe the USART's on the xmega A1's can't do 5v ttl, but luckily the ftdi chips can be configured to do 3.3v ttl. The board would run at 3.3v, perhaps with level shifters on some of the outputs, to raise them to 5v.

Any comments, or suggestions would be great.