Automated home using IOT

Hello everyone,
Well I’m relatively new to arduino and inspired by the fully automated home created by xyz I had decided to attempt at creating my own fully automated home.

I have an arduino uno and ethernet sheild v1 with gsm slot. I have connected the ethernet sheild to the arduino and have connected the sheild via ethernet to a router. The arduino gets its power supply from the laptop itself.
I have used pubnub just like xyz as the channel medium to transmit and recieve over the IOT and have followed all the directions.
The mac address has been assignned to the board and I have assesed the router webpage to find the ip assignned to the ethernet shield by the router. I then ran a ip printer sketch off the examples to see if the ethernet is recieving and communicating. It is the ip displayed in the serial monitor is the same as the one assigned by the router so yaay. That works.
I used codepen to build the website for my project as it allows me to directly access my webpage.

Now the problem is that once the code is uploaded no error is shown but the leds stay on and do not respond to any input via the codepen webpage only pin 10 of the Ethernet shield responds and irrespective to whether I turn the light on/off on the webpage the LED switches ‘off’ for a little while and then turns back on. NONE OF THE OTHER LED’S ARE RESPONDING TO THE WEBPAGE INPUTS even though on the serial monitor values are received and displayed.
The webpages I referred are:-

IOT-house2.ino (4.68 KB)

IOT-house2.ino (4.68 KB)

Seems to be time to learn software and perhaps hardware debugging.


No shit.