Barn Door Tracker Project (Astronomy)

I am working on a project which will allow me to track the sky using a stepper motor, I have a 2.8V 1.68A 4.4kh-cm RepRap stepper motor, Arduino Uno board and a controller Dual Stel Motor Shield 1.1 by ITEAD Studio. I have been very frustrated as I have been trying to figure out how to controll my motor, I have uploaded a few programs to the board but as I am a complete newbie I have no idea how to start the motor or get the program to run. In the long run my need is to have this motor spinning when tracking at 1 rpm, I would like to have a button that would stop the motion another button to reverse at lets say 30 rpm and also a limiter so that after an hour of tracking motor would return to the starting position, please please please help me get started.

The problem is in two parts - on the hardware side you need to connect your stepper motor to the shield correctly and providfe the shield with a suitable power supply, then you need to run software which drives the outputs in the correct sequence to make the motor step. There are plenty of examples of sketches that do that sort of thing, and libraries that enable you to control the speed and position of the stepper with just a few function calls.

Do you have a suitable power supply?

Do you know how to connect the power supply and stepper to the motor shield?

Have you found any example sketches showing how to drive a stepper?

Yeah an idiot light just went off above my head, I thought that the USB would have enough juice to drive the motor and I guess it doesn't, the part of connecting the shield just stacks on top of the Uno board, both uno board and the shield have a earphone style jack to plug in the 12 V however would I have to power both separately. I have found tons of sketches but my question is if I had a proper power supply would the motor start running as soon as the program was uploaded to the card or do you have to start the sequence somehow. Thank you so much for your help really appreciate it.