Batteria Li-Po per MKR1000

Ciao a tutti,

Non riesco a capire la potenza della batteria da abbinare alla scheda, qualcuno saprebbe dirmi voltaggio / Amp?
Magari se avete anche già un link per una batteria se l'avete già acquistata?


Battery capacity
Li-Po batteries are charged up to 4,2V with a current that is usually half of the nominal capacity (C/2). For Arduino / Genuino MKR1000 we use a specialized chip that has a preset charging current of 350mAh. This means that the MINIMUM capacity of the Li-Po battery should be 700 mAh. Smaller cells will be damaged by this current and may overheat, develop internal gasses and explode, setting on fire the surroundings. We strongly recommend that you select a Li-Po battery of at least 700mAh capacity. A bigger cell will take more time to charge, but won't be harmed or overheated. The chip is programmed with 4 hours of charging time, then it goes into automatic sleep mode. This will limit the amount of charge to max 1400 mAh per charging round.

batteria LiPo, standard 3.7V
capacità : Min 700mAh - Max 1400 mAh