Battery Charger Problem, Help me!

Hello I'm student of Sejong Univ from South Korea. I have difficult for Electronic problem. After connecting the two batteries(3.7V 500mAH) in series, I am about to use the Battery Charger(5V 1A Micro Li-Po). But when i connect two batteries to the Micro Li-Po Battery Charger, I get a blue light. If I plug in a charger, it will heat up and probably won't charge. Is there any way to connect two batteries(3.7V 500mAH) in series and charge them using a 5V 1A Micro Li-Po Battery Charger?

3.7 x 2 = 7.4v A 5volt supply cannot charge a 7.4volt battery since the supply voltage must always be greater than the battery voltage being charged. (Charge current flows from the higher voltage to the lower) If your two batteries are identical in make, type and age you could place them in parallel and charge them as a parallel pair. Connect the two positive terminals to each other and the two negative terminals to each other. If, however there are differences between the batteries it's better to charge each as a single unit since the charge current will not be evenly shared between the batteries.